The first category, Vehicle Performance, is a test of how well the students did in designing and building their Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). The second category, Poster Presentation, is a test of how well the students can convey their engineering ideas and market their ROV. The third category, Design Notebook, is a test of the students organizational and documentation capabilities. The fourth category, Spirit & Sportsmanship, is a test of the students’ capabilities to recognize and encourage better solutions and engineering. Check out phillyseaperch.orgto learn more about SeaPerch.

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The Greater Philadelphia SeaPerch Challenge is open to middle schools and high schools in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware region. The goal is to increase student interest in robotics, science, mathematics, engineering and technology and to introduce students to naval engineering. The event is structured to give students an overall experience in the engineering process. 

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