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Discover the vast array and convenience of resources at your fingertips, including:

  • Naval Engineers Journal

  • All ASNE members will receive a subscription to the prestigious Naval Engineers Journal(NEJ). The NEJ is a quarterly, peer reviewed technical journal that presents the latest in research and technology. It is a leading source of information on the full range of naval engineering subjects and provides a prominent forum for authors to publish their work for further use by the profession.

  • Marine Link

  • A members-only newsletter that updates members on Society activities, industry news and events sent to members electronically on a daily basis.


Members have access to back-issues of the Naval Engineers Journal and past symposia proceedings. The ASNE website is currently undergoing a complete redesign that will feature sub-specialty interest sections and listservs.


All ASNE members have access to the Society’s online job database. It is an easy, one stop site for employers and employees interested specifically in naval engineering fields and specialties.

Companies can either post their job vacancies, or they can review prospective employees’ resumes. The site also presents employees with the option to create their own job bank, post a resume or to search for potential job opportunities in their desired field. ASNE encourages student members to post their resumes, providing a valuable resource for internships and entry-level position fulfillment.


The Society provides members with a host of exciting opportunities to broaden professional knowledge:


ASNE sponsors numerous technical symposia providing its members with an opportunity to gain exposure to distinguished naval engineering professionals and to enhance their knowledge base. Topics can include, but are not limited to combat systems, logistics, ship design, fleet maintenance, naval aviation, human systems engineering, electronic engineering, the environment and other important issues.


ASNE Day is the Society’s annual conference. Every spring the event draws engineering professionals to Washington, DC to partake in an array of presentations, discussions of technical innovations, industry briefings, professional development and networking opportunities and Society business.

The program also includes an exhibit hall, which provides attendees with a chance to meet with industry and government representatives and to explore the various services, equipment and techniques relating to the field.


ASNE’s Sections provide members with a professional development and networking opportunity at the local level. Many of the Society’s sections offer informal monthly meetings providing a venue for presentations and networking opportunities relevant to local/regional activities and organizations.

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ASNE Award Program - Every year ASNE presents the following coveted achievement awards honoring individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the naval engineering field.

Student & Young Engineer Support - One of the Society’s priorities is to support students considering a career in naval engineering or currently enrolled in an academic program.

ASNE's Scholarship Program - ASNE's Scholarship Program was established to improve and promote the profession of naval engineering. The Society’s goal is to encourage college students to enter the field of naval engineering and to provide valuable support to naval engineers seeking advanced education in the field.


  • Group Insurance Plans
  • Opportunities for direct participation on committees
  • Access to ASNE Headquarters’ technical library
  • Opportunity to publish technical papers and monographs
  • Membership Directory
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Discount on office rental in headquarters building (Depends upon availability)
  • Liaison with other engineering societies
  • ASNE Emblematics
  • Member discount on publications