Are You Eligible For The Rosenblatt Young Naval Engineer Award?


If you’re new to the naval engineering industry and trying to reach new heights, there is an award out there that’ll help you to keep your eye on the prize. The Rosenblatt Young Naval Engineer Award is a highly talked about achievement. Do you qualify?

What Is The Rosenblatt Young Naval Engineer Award?
The Rosenblatt Young Naval is a single achievement that is awarded to a winner chosen that meets all the current requirements. One eligible person under the age of 35 is selected every year by the end of December.

The person nominated is said to have shown amazing, early professional achievements in their career. While a variety of participants are chosen, only the one who has accomplished the most that year in Naval Engineering will receive the award.

What Types Of Contributions Do Winners Showcase?
Previous winners have shown to contribute to areas of superior insight and innovation. This is demonstrated through proven works such as, but not limited to:

  • Published Academic Papers
  • Published Invention
  • Creative Design
  • Process Improvement
  • Patents Obtained
  • Simulation
  • Similar Notable Accomplishments

Other areas where nominees shine is in their noted ability for technical leadership. If they have the possible potential for the distinction based on responsibilities and performance uncharacteristic for their age they are also considered for the award.

No matter the skill of the nominee, they need to exhibit the integrity and character that reflects Rosenblatt traditions. They need to show excellence within the naval engineering society. Participants must set an appropriate example as a role model for engineers of the future.

Previous Winners Of The Award

  • Jesse Geisbert
  • Lauren Dufrene
  • Eric Mscisz
  • Theresa Shafer
  • Glen Grogan
  • Matthew Bulpitt
  • Leigh McCue-Weil
  • John Hootman
  • Jonathan Applequist
  • Monique Kadmiri
  • Jennifer Grimsley
  • Jason Reynolds
  • Jennifer Waters

Do You Think You Qualify?
The award goes out to those who quality every year. Do you think that you could achieve this award? Work to make your accomplishments tremendous and read the rest of our website to find out how you can improve your naval engineering skills.